Martín Kraut

Reel 2024

Lately, if he has insomnia, Martín Kraut tells himself a story. Improvise. He thinks about what could happen and, little by little, he sinks into sleep.

He always liked writing and telling stories, but he also had an early attraction towards the visual, the photographic. Already playing, in fourth grade, he wrote the script for a movie with some classmates. After graduating from Nacional Buenos Aires, he studied film direction at the Universidad del Cine.

He intensely enjoyed the smell of the southern forests, the aroma of the markets of Bolivia and Vietnam.

He began directing advertising in 2006 working with Greenpeace and Renault, while making video clips for Daniel Melero, Nonpalidece among others.

In 2020, he premiered his first feature film, “La Dosis” at the Rotterdam Festival, which later toured several festivals and won various awards around the world. Only this time he couldn’t travel due to the pandemic.

The path did not stop: between 2020 and 2021 he directed several pieces for Amex Centurion with figures such as Damián Betular and Gaby Herbstein.

He also produced and directed two episodes of the documentary series “Destino Educaçao” for Canal Futura in Brazil.

In 2023, he premiered his second feature film, the documentary “Siembra de cine” at the Mar del Plata festival.

During that 2023 he worked alongside Huinca on projects for Villa del Sur and the European Union.

As a photographer and filmmaker, he works for Anfibia magazine. With an author’s focus, he has portrayed figures such as Pope Francis, Lula Da Silva and other prominent personalities. He also creates audiovisual content for clients such as Aerolíneas Argentinas, Coca Cola and Buenos Aires Ciudad.