Octa Fx


Emilio Tuero, an expert advertising and music video director with more than two decades of experience on set, masterfully fuses his attention to detail, his vision for acting, and his passion for photography in every project he undertakes.

His meticulous approach and ability to understand generational codes distinguish him as a versatile and adaptable professional.

With a flexible personality, Tuero is able to deftly navigate diverse creative environments, leveraging a wide range of resources to convey stories and advertising campaign messages in exceptional ways.

In a competitive market, he stands out as a multifaceted director who constantly defies expectations, creating captivating and memorable visual narratives.

His work transcends convention, leaving a lasting impression on audiences and setting new standards for creativity and innovation in the advertising and music industries.

Emilio Tuero not only tells stories, but transforms them into exciting experiences that last in the viewer’s mind.