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The duo of directors, Nahuel Lerena and Patricia Byrne, who have been working together for some years, put their stamp on their duo within the Huinca production company for the Mexican market, and are called ARCO.

The name represents two pillars that support each other, creating an arch to form a structure and is also a symbol of connection and continuity, it is the ability of this duo to generate a link between the brands and the audience.

Nahuel began his career as an independent director making around 200 music videos, collaborating with local and international artists, becoming a two-time winner of the MTV VMAs.

He obtained important recognitions around the planet: Cads Awards in London, Top 40 in Spain, Tu Música in Puerto Rico, Rolling Stone, Diario Clarín in Argentina.

He has also been nominated for the Latin Grammys, MTV Latin, and the Carlos Gardel Awards for 8 consecutive years.

At the same time, Nahuel focused on his professional growth by studying painting, film scripting, and directing actors.

Settling in Madrid for a few years, he made Fashion Films, musical documentaries and Primera Fila concerts for SONY Music Latin. He is currently based in Mexico City, directing commercials for different local and international brands.

Patricia is a director, screenwriter and actress. He studied film at ENERC and began working on different advertising productions.

Throughout his career he directed video clips for artists such as Fabiana Cantilo, Dani Martín, Robbie Williams and produced documentaries and concerts for Natalia Lafourcade, Thalía, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Alejandra Guzmán, among others.

With Robbie Williams’ video “The 80’s”, co-directed with Nahuel, they won the Jury and Audience Award at the Shooting People contest in London and the CADS Awards/MTV, for best online video.

Writing is part of his daily life and he has trained with different scriptwriting teachers.

He wrote several series. #Singles, one of his creations, won the award for Best Ibero-American Series at the BAWebFest and participated in the Marseille International Series Festival.