Albert Grabuleda

Reel 2024

Albert began his film career at the age of 18, as a television actor,
feature films and commercials, but realized that his true passion was bringing his films to life
own stories through direction.

He learned the trade by experimenting with independent short films until he discovered his love for advertising
and the challenge of condensing detailed narratives into short periods of time.

His management style stands out for the visual aesthetics, applied to any project, being his
specialty fashion film, cars, sports and manifestos.

He is a director with a lot of versatility but firm to his aesthetic style.

In his professional career Albert has been chosen by recognized brands such as: Toyota, Diners Club, Sears, Kia, Wilson, Perfumes Banderas, Palacio del Hierro, Head, Mapfre, El Corte Inglés, L’Oreal, Pronovias, GHD, Listerine, BBVA, Knorr, Nesquik, Bimbo, ColaCao, Act ii, Bet365, Cupra, Sedal or Sprite.

Within the world of fashion film, his project “Mantis” won the best awards in the world in its category. Including Shark Tank, 1.4, La Joya Film Festival, Berlin Commercial, Berlin Fashion, Barcelona Fashion Film festival, among more than 60 nominations from around the world.