Building worlds, creating stories, encountering unexpected situations and putting them on screen is something that has a kind of magic that moves us emotionally, makes us smile and meditate.
My purpose is to look for the most essential part at the very centre of each work throughout the process. Working as a team, asking questions, creating hypotheses that give rise to new questions, keeping our eyes open to understand where we are going… all these actions also involve each work with its special magic.
Having studied at the University of Cinema, courses on the history of religions, art, literature and screenwriting, my experience was also enriched by travels, loves and friends. I developed as an advertising director in different markets of the world (Latin America, USA, Europe and Middle East) and I obtained international awards (Cannes, NY, London).
These are the pillars that sustain the construction of every work, which enable me to ask new and different questions, and finally create original and appropriate aesthetics.